Wednesday, October 28, 2009

New Bumper, Get My Car Fixed, It's Your Birthday!

So, I've been driving around town (somewhat stealthily to not be noticed) in the bright cherry red HHR for the past two days. Ugh. I called up BMW this morning and left a message for John in the Body Shop to check on the status of the wagon.

I got a call back this afternoon and what ho! $300.99 from Geico to "repair" my bumper? Yeah. Let's call in a supplement people. Turns out that once BMW got the bumper cover off of the car they realized that it was too damaged to be repaired. (YES!) So much for that "adjuster" who basically tried to tell me that my car was a) a piece of crap and b) I shouldn't be bothered by the "scratch" that was on the bumper cover. And let's not forget about her supervisor who wanted to convince me that bumpers serve no actual purpose-- they're purely decorative.

ANYWAY. Thanks to the folks at BMW who took the time to actually look at my car and make a reasonable determination. Even bigger kudos to them for dealing directly with Geico, so I didn't have to get into an argument with anyone!

They think that the wagon may be ready tomorrow, or if not then, Friday. Then it's on to take it into the actual service department to confirm that there was no other actual damage from the accident (i.e. alignment, etc.)

Oh, and further on the complaint front, can I just say? The top speed of the HHR is totally like 60. Anything above that and I swear it starts to shimmy.


Sue said...

Good for you and your father is very happy that you will have a brand new....hasn't lost it's integrity....bumper on the Wagon Ho

Nouveau Stitch said...

Having dealt with nearly every insurance company under the sun for the past thirty years on behalf of our customers, I can wholeheartedly convey to you that you are insured with likely the worst insurance company out there. You're very lucky it wasn't a major claim.

I would certainly look into a new company. In automobile insurance, you get what you pay for, and the cheapie companies usually give you the most grief and the least attention to proper repair techniques when filing a claim.

Oh and the dealer did exactly what it should have done when calling in the supplement. The integrity of the bumper was compromised in their opinion and perhaps would not hold in a subsequent collision. As bad as Geico is, I can't even believe the action of the adjuster and the supervisor but as I said, it all goes back to my philosophy above.

Hope you get your wheels back soon!