Wednesday, October 07, 2009

I'm On My Way!

Tonight's big adventure is a pre-Birthday Birthday dinner at Nobu 57 and A Steady Rain on Broadway! I'm taking the train in (currently we're at Newark Liberty Airport) and I'm meeting up with the Husband. Thanks and a big shout out to the Mom and Dad who are spending the evening with Miss B!

I'm looking forward to seeing James Bond and Wolverine stretch their acting chops right before our eyes (even if Daniel Craig's mustache is a little too Chicago-cop-authentic for). But, on a side note I am a bit worried. I've heard all the cell-phone hullabaloo surrounding this particular production. I'm not so much concerned that I might ring mid show, but I am sporting a pair of Suede Prada pants whose lining has a tendency to make a crinkling sound when I move. I'm a natural theater fidgeter so who knows how loud my pants will be during moments of key drama....

Whatever happens, I'll try not to invoke levels of Ralph Fiennes-like rage (like I did when Ana and I saw "Faith Healer")... I promise, I won't take any pictures! (At least not while they're acting!)

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