Monday, October 04, 2010

Gabba-Gate and Ticket Karma

Last week I saw a message from a friend on Facebook that she had three tickets to sell to the upcoming Yo Gabba Gabba Live! Show at Radio City Music Hall. Miss B. likes the show and has some Yo Gabba goodies, so I thought it might be a fun thing to go to, especially since the tickets came with access to the "After Party" (yes, who knew that a children's show would have an "after party"!?!) But I had checked out what the "VIP" party included and you got to mingle with the characters, have your photo taken with them and have snacks/entertainment, etc. so it sounded like a lot of fun.

I commit to buy the tickets. I mail out a check to my friend. My friend e-mails me her e-tickets. All is right in Gabbaland, until... I get a message from my friend saying that the tickets had been cancelled. You see, my friend's sister had bought these tickets as a birthday gift for my friend's daughter earlier in the year. Since purchasing the tickets, my friend's sister scheduled her wedding for the same day as the show. Instead of first trying to sell the tickets, they had approached American Express (who they had purchased the tickets through) to see if they would take them back. Apparently, Amex did agree to finally take them back, but only after they had already been sold to me.

So, Amex then offers to replace the tickets with the same "or better" seats. Okay. Then the Amex rep lets us know that the "VIP Party" is sold out. So, while they could get us tickets to the show, they couldn't get us tickets to the party. They called the party promoter, they called Radio City. No dice. So, I called not only the party promoter but the two companies who were actually putting on the entire production. I also canvased friends for contacts at Nickelodeon (thanks, Thisbe!) Days go by, and while I did get new tickets (in the first row), I heard no word on the status of the party.

Meanwhile, while this was going on, I had noticed that a piece of mail for my nextdoor neighbor had been mistakenly delivered to me. When I first noticed it, I had set it aside, meaning to drop it off at their house, but I had been busy with work and it had gotten shuffled back in with the rest of the mail. On Thursday night, at 2am I'm sorting through junk mail in an effort to clean up the manse before the arrival of my mom and dad and what do I come across? My neighbor's envelope. I noticed that it was from Rutgers and I figured it was just alumni stuff. The envelope was partly opened and out of curiosity I decided to look inside... what was in there? Tickets to the Rutgers/Army Football game on Oct. 16th. I immediately thought: "Oh, Shit! I have to get these tickets back NOW!"

It was ticket karma.

I vaguely remembered that the mis-delivered mail came around about the time I heard from my friend that our tickets had been cancelled.

So, despite it being 2am and raining outside, I got in the car and drove over to the neighbor's house and popped the envelope into their mailbox.

Then, at around 11:30am the next morning I received an email from Donna at Wild Brain Entertainment. She had secured us a place at the VIP Party! (Thank you, Donna!!!)

Of course, since my new tickets were procured through a broker, the entire time up until we were actually inside Radio City I was completely expecting them not to be valid. But, our tickets worked, our VIP passes were at the box office and we were sitting smack dab at center stage, front row.

Unfortunately, we hadn't anticipated that the 73rd Annual Pulaski Day Parade was happening today, so we didn't expect that the Husband would have to spend over an hour and a half just trying to park the car (all the while missing the entirety of the show and most of the after party), but Miss B. had fun, so that's all that matters, right?

Oh, but I also have to mention, that the night before the show I was up till like 4am making a "Muno" hat for Miss B. to wear. It was pretty cool because during the show, we got to have the Muno character give B a hug and then after the show, the person who was inside the Muno costume came up to us at the after party and said they recognized us from earlier and wanted to say how much they loved her hat! (Not to mention, that the official Yo Gabba photographer took B's photo with her hat on) ;)

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