Wednesday, October 20, 2010


So, we're going to a Halloween party this year and I'm trying to figure out what to wear. While costumes are optional, who doesn't like to dress up every once in a while?

Last year, we threw a kid-friendly Halloween play date party and I made an embellished witch hat for the occasion. Before that, I hadn't had a true Halloween costume since college. Back then, I dressed up as Uma Thurman from Pulp Fiction for multiple years in a row. (I think it is fair to say that I did get good use out of that wig after all).

That leaves us with the question of what to be now. I still have my witch hat, so I could pair that with one of my missoni skirts and be a fashionable witch. I also have Groucho glasses and a Marilyn wig.

In other options, Wal-Mart has a Star Trek costume. They also have tons of others, but the emphasis really seems to be on "adult" costumes. Should browsing the Halloween costume section really seem like you're browsing through a stripper supply shop? I guess I'm just out of touch with Halloween these days ;)

Costume suggestions are appreiciated...

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