Tuesday, September 12, 2006

It's Tuesday.

So, not much exciting is going on.

As an answer to Ana's last comment I wrote back letting her know what was for dinner yesterday-- broccoli rabe/pork sausage with artichoke hearts and lemon/artichoke pesto over gnocchi-shaped pasta. Sometimes Whole Foods has good stuff!! Who knew I would be making this at 9:30pm, but what can I say, sometimes you just want actual real-live-cooked food. I'd had McDonald's for lunch, followed by a snack of White Cheddar Cheez-Its (which is the cause of all tooth decay all over the globe, trust me on this) and then some nutter butter bites (why? why???). I needed real food. Also on the menu for this week-- sweet potato gnocchi (I wish they were home made, but unfortunately, they're from a package-- any thoughts on sauce pairings?) As for dinner tonight, who knows what is on the menu. Theoretically we're going out to dinner for the Meseversary.

We drove in today. It took us 2+ hours. Sure, last Friday we drove and it was like 55 minutes, today, 2+ hours. It's pretty bad when the driving commute makes the train look good.

Totally random aside-- Can't we make September 11th a National Holiday already? That's my vote.

Finally, thoughts on the new TV schedule? Did we ever find out what happened on Reunion from last year??? Who killed Samantha? Who do you think will win Project Runway? Will Heidi's new baby look more like Seal or Heidi (or Tim Gunn by osmosis?)

(I know, I'm getting more like Larry King every day.)

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