Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Yet Another Entry into the Annals of "Things You Don't Expect to Hear at the Office..."

From: Hospitality Head-Honcho
To: Everybody (!) US

I am pleased to announce the return of Ghengi Roget from Touching Hands. The on-site chair massage is the perfect "stress buster" for those on the go with a minimum amount of time. Tension headaches, repetitive stress injuries, aches and pains from stiff or sore muscles, increased susceptibility to colds and flu are just some of the conditions where a massage can be helpful. During the on-site chair massage, the client is in a seated position and is fully clothed.

Due to high demand, only one 15 minute session per person will be allotted. Unfortunately, on site chair massages cannot be submitted to the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) for reimbursement.


It's always good to clarify that whole "fully clothed" thing when speaking of the office environment, and gee, who really expects to get reimbursed for an on-site chair massage???

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Anastasia said...

I just want to know, do they expect you to keep working during the massage or are you allowed to take a 15 minute break? I have this vision of all of you working like mad while a holistic hippie guy rubs your scalp and talks about inner peace.