Saturday, September 16, 2006

More Movies.

Saw "The Black Dahlia". Why is it that at any given time there often seem to be multiple genre movies in theaters at the same time? Between this and "Hollywoodland" what is the sudden fascination with murders from LA in the late forties/fifties?? Anyway, I wasn't excited by this movie. Josh Hartnett-- geesh, no personality. Hilary Swank? Ugh. They kept saying how she and the "Dahlia" (Mia Kirshner) were look alikes. Look alikes? I think not, Hilary looks like she could be Alanis Morrisette's twin. Overall bad sound, bad sets. It seemed like Brian de Palma was trying to do a tv remake of Chinatown. On the upside, there were good previews. "The Departed" looks good. "Babel", I can't tell-- will it be like Syriana or since hooking up with Angelina has Brad Pitt lost his mind?

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