Sunday, September 10, 2006

Productive Sunday...

It started with Blueberry muffins. I made those and poached eggs on toast (only later to see a divine looking recipe in Bon Appetite for fanci-fied poached eggs on toast which involved bacon and spinach and other goodies), and of course, crispy crowns (they were baked, so not bad, right?)

After a long nap (happily accompanied by the cat), I then started looking through my new issue of Food and Wine. Dubbed the "Wine" issue (and I guess next month will be the "Food" issue and then they'll be out of all new ideas), it had an intriguing picture of orichetti (sp?) with bolognese sauce. I polled the husband, offering either: (a) pappardelle with an artichoke and tomato cream sauce or (b) the orichette. He took the orichette.

One relatively long trip to Whole Foods later, we were at home making bolognese. However, I had mentioned earlier in the weekend an intention to make chocolate cream puffs, so that was on the menu too. Made the bolognese (not quite the same as the recipe-- I used white wine instead of red, some cashews instead of chestnuts and a good bit of balsamic vinegar. Then I made some little goat cheese toasts (because despite what Dave would say, you can't beat a good goat cheese) and then started on the puffs. Called the mom but alas no answer so I once again winged the puffs, with a little help from

The pasta and sauce was tasty, as was the goat cheese toasts... for desert the creme puffs certainly hit the spot.

On the menu for the week-- we got some pork and broccoli rabe sauages which I plan to make tomorrow with a gnocchi-pasta shape with artichokes and lemon pesto (had to get those artichokes in there)!


Anastasia said...

Um, I'm packing my bags. I'll be there shortly. Oh yeah, I plan to stay permanently. The only things I have in my fridge are hot dogs...and here I was proud of myself because I got the *good* hot dogs....and because I now use sugar instead of sweetener in my coffee - my coffee that comes out of a can, but it's the *good* coffee out of the can. So yeah, I'm coming over. What's for dinner?

Weef! said...

Last night it was a very tasty dinner-- we got these pork/broccoli rabe italian sausages at Whole Foods and I sauteed those with artichoke hearts, lemon and an artichoke/lemon pesto. We had them over some sort of wacky gnocchi-shaped pasta. All in all it was pretty good. Who know pork and rabe would work together in a sausage???

Anastasia said...

I don't even know what rabe is...but I do know that it's not hot dog. I can't believe you ate without me. Tsk-tsk!