Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Another Big Day Out For Baby!

Today was an exciting day. We went to our first day of the new semester of Music Class (which is now populated with kids baby age through 3 or 4), then we wandered around downtown Princeton. It was a beautiful spring-like day. We hit up the post office first, then Chase Bank, then (while Miss Baby was napping) we got lunch from Panera and finally ending with passport photos! Now that we have passport photos for both Mom and Baby we're that much closer to actually obtaining passports (mine expires this spring... and it's certainly time to get rid of that old passport picture). After our excitement in the passport photo place (where we were charged a premium because "baby photo take longer") we then headed on to the doctor's office.... Miss Baby needed her flu booster and besides that she had been pulling on her ears a lot lately so I wanted to make sure there was no ear infection going on. Nope, turns out much like Edmund Hillary, Miss B is just tugging on those ears because they're there.

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