Sunday, January 06, 2008

In Response to Thisbe...

Hey there! Some of us republicans are fans of "America's Mayor"! Huckabee??? I don't know what kind of crack those Iowans were smoking but please, nobody with a name like Huckabee can get elected (let's not even discuss his politics, the whole christian right thing, yada, yada, yada). Romney?? He looks like a used car salesman. And lets not forget that Ron Paul just seems like a nut!

As for the Democrats, I'm glad you've indicated your hat is in the ring for Edwards. I can appreiciate that. As for the other Democrats?? Okay, Richardson looks too much like Horatio Sanz (and I'm totally suspicious of his relationship with Valero), Obama-- seems like a nice guy but I think I have more "presidential" experience because I was president of the National Honor Society in High School. I mean come on, how long has this guy been in politics?? And Hillary. She's just too frightening to even discuss. But again-- if nothing else, experience please?? 8 years as first lady really doesn't count. Eeouch. Its going to be a long road to November.

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