Wednesday, January 16, 2008


I have finally joined the ranks of all those folks on Facebook how this came about just proves that I am getting old. I finally decided to take the plunge after watching a segment about it on 60 Minutes (which leads me to the question, why the hell was I watching 60 Minutes??, This, coupled with the fact that I almost got sucked into watching "Comanche Moon" proves I'm getting old... I guess CBS figures they'll just keep making those damn Lonesome Dove tv movies until everyone in America has seen them at least once, but I digress). At first I was a bit reluctant about my Facebook entry. I didn't upload a photo, I didn't have too much information out there... I was going by the mantra always espoused by Dave about never having his photo on the internet. Then, much to my surprise, I saw that Dave has a very detailed Facebook profile page! How things have changed in this new digital age. Anyway, that gave me more comfort and I did upload a photo (though arguably I have to look for a better one)... we'll see how all this progresses. I've already sent out feelers to Thisbe and 5820 Mommy to join!