Thursday, January 17, 2008

File Under Ooops...

Last night we were going to have a rotisserie chicken from WF with couscous and a vegetable tian. When I brought home the chicken I put it in the oven to keep it warm (note at this point, obviously, the oven wasn't turned on... ) the chicken was still inside the plastic WF bag and the plastic rotisserie chicken dome that they all are packaged in. I proceed to sautee the onions for the tian and slice up the potatoes and zucchini and of course, pre-heat the oven. It is not until I go to put the tian in the oven AND I open the door and see a melting chicken that I remember that the chicken (package and all) were IN THE OVEN! The packaging looked like a shrinky dink gone awry. Luckily no plastic had gotten to the floor of the oven and nothing stuck to the rack, and thankfully they still had chickens when the Husband went to WF on his way home from work.

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