Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I'm going to get you a library card...

So, the game is on. Today I signed up on the internet for a NYPL library card which will give me access to those Best Pictures not yet on DVD! This, thanks to the fact that the NYPL will give a free library card to anyone so long as they live, work, own a business, own property or go to school in New York State (let's hope that the new Governor doesn't make any changes to these policies ;) Thanks to the fact that I maintain a work office in the city, I filled out the form and was all ready for my card! Not five minutes after I sent in my application I got an email back from the folks at the NYPL. The email indicated that they wouldn't be able to send my card out of state to my home address. I'd either need it to be sent to my work address or I'd have to pick it up in person. So I gave a call, figuring I could arrange for a pick up since if it went to my work address god only knows when it would get forwarded home. I spoke to a lovely woman and I mentioned that I was working part-time and that it would be a while before I would be able to get mail from work. I couldn't even get out the suggestion that I'd pick it up before she said, "I'll mail it to your home." Yes! Now when I go to pick up my reserved tapes I'm going to have to show proof of my NY address. I'll be digging up a business card and then I'm good to go!

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