Monday, March 17, 2008

A lot's been going on,

but no blogging.

Saturday marked my first mom's day out since December (I don't count the two bar taking days...). Last time I hit the town with the Dad, seeing the Homecoming and hitting up Sarabeth's for brunch. This time it was catching up, chatting and shopping with Leda and Mel! A fun time was had by all, and we must do it again soon!

Sunday Miss B and I headed up to Connecticut to see Thisbe in her show! Leda, Demetri, Mel, Mike and Moritz also hit up the matinee so it was quite a fun event! Thisbe was fab and Miss B really liked the music and all of the singing (though we did have to head out to the lobby on a number of occasions as Baby wanted to join the chorus).

Today was a fast-paced day of lunch with the Husband at Panera, a visit to Babies r' Us (where we snagged a truly adorable baby Yankees cap!) and grocery shopping at the Wegmans. Leave it to the Wegman's cashier to put my loaf of pepperidge farm bread in the same bag as a five pound sack of potatoes. Furthermore, my baguette arrived home at a 45 degree angle. Clearly this man had an issue with carbs.

On the meal front, it's been a fun past few days. The other day I made a great tomato bisque soup thanks to an organic tomato soup from WF (doctored up with some special ingredients including a can of fire roasted tomatoes, a bit of cream and some various spices), a nice caesar salad and herbed goat cheese toasts. Then we had do-it-yourself soft tacos, and finally, rounding out Friday night with sliders and french fries. I had been using 80/20 ground beef from Wegman's (Bobby Flay had recommended 80/20 on the burger episode of "Throwdown") but instead this time I got 85/15 from WF and it was really great! Tonight we did Croque Monsieurs with a nice salad (topped with lemon vinagrette from one of Ina's cookbooks). I'm still getting back into the swing of theme weeks. I've gotten some great cookbooks from the Mom recently (including a Jamie Oliver and two Lidia cookbooks, so we'll see what the future holds!)

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