Saturday, September 20, 2008

Hot Pockets!

Aol's news headline today claims that a man's brother stabbed him over a disputed Hot Pocket sandwich and I thought we were desparate for some good food.

Tonight's dinner was again from Sunny Garden. Fortune cookie? It said: "No time for vacation, finish project first." Yeah. Tell me about it. Today's kitchen update is that the cabinets we were missing are supposed to ship from Allegheny, Maryland (wherever that may be) on Monday. Then, Marilyn the HD designer had to visit the house today to take measurements in order to figure out how to fix our double oven cabinet since as it stands the double oven is eight inches higher than what is standard (and considering that a) the ceiling is twelve inches shorter than average and b) I'm at least six inches shorter than average, making the double oven about 26 inches off. ;) Of course, that means that the stuff Marilyn just ordered will also have to "come in" which will take at least a week. So much for scheduling that whole countertop template thing.


On the bright side of things, yesterday I made a cheongsam for Miss B! Pictures to follow!

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