Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Politics Schmolitics

So this afternoon
Thisbe and I had a brief discussion of the current political climate. As most readers of this blog know, Obama scares me (tax hike guarantee-- egads!) and McCain is very, very old. So, I have a new plan. With just a few tweaks to that dusty old Constitution of ours, I would like to present the *perfect* ticket: Miss B. for President and her running mate, the Honorable Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger! What could be better? Experience? Of course she's got experience. She's been running this household like a champ for the past 15 months and now she's gotten really good at taking all of her MegaBloks out of their bag and then putting them back in. She's already made a few cabinet picks-- why none other than Miss Kitty for Secretary of Defense (and Chief Mouser) and I hear that Elmo may be a shoe in for that coveted post of Ambassador to Trinidad and Tobago. And as for Arnold, need we say more? He's been single-handedly keeping California from falling off into the Pacific Ocean for years now. A toddler and an Austrian, I think we could just win this!

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