Friday, September 05, 2008

Random Thoughts.

Kashi. "Seven Whole Grains On a Mission". I totally hate those commercials. It always seems like the Kashi line of products would taste like cardboard. But, that being said, the pictures on the boxes of their line of frozen food just look good. And, they have neat names like "lemongrass coconut chicken, lime cilantro shrimp". So I was at WF and I picked up a box. I tried it last night as dinner for Miss B. Can I just say? It was so surprisingly good that while at Wegman's today we got two more. For dinner tonight was a whole wheat pasta in a tomato sauce with yellow squash and broccoli. Last night's coconut chicken was in quinoa (which I have to honestly say I never expected to eat), with carrots and broccoli. Miss B. enjoyed both-- tonight's pasta dish especially. Kudos to Kashi for making tasty, healthy, toddler tested mom-approved frozen goodies!

The Code. Has been on Starz! continuously this evening. I feel like it's the selection on a transatlantic flight.

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