Sunday, November 22, 2009

Chicken or the Egg?

Miss Ellen over at Nouveau Stitch just did a great post about her finds at HomeGoods... she was looking for botanical prints and this reminded me of some of my print finds on Ebay. In our guest bath we have a bit of an animal theme going on and I got some great prints of Elephants, which I framed in a frame scored at TJ Maxx (photos to follow).

On our staircase, I finally found a home for one of the two Chicken Prints that I bought years ago on Ebay. I had been planning on either putting the chickens in the kitchen or our half bath, but it never worked out.

Our upstairs hallway has a montage of photos of Miss B., and now our downstairs staircase is home to a painting I did, a drawing Miss B. did (rather modern, I must say) and the aforementioned chickens. I do have one other chicken print, and a fabulous Egg Print, which will have to find other homes. I do, know, however, that I bought the chickens first. Giving an answer, finally, to which came first, chicken or egg.
And by the way, every time Miss B. and I come down the stairs I ask her: "Who drew that?" and she proudly answers: "I drew that!!"


Nouveau Stitch said...

Thank God one of life's mysteries has finally been solved! Leave it to a lawyer....and I do mean that in a good way... :-)


Sue said...

Always a fan of stuff hung on the the one you did in the gold frame...

Anonymous said...

Miss B's drawing is better than a Picasso.


Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

"I drew that!" Oh so cute. :-)