Sunday, November 08, 2009

Garage Sale!!

Today we had a garage sale! Which basically meant that we wanted to try and get rid of a lot of moldy crap that had been filling up the storage room off the garage. (Let's not also forget the multiple boxes of stuff left over from our kitchen remodel)...

My ad had said 9-1pm so I headed out a few minutes before 9 to get set up. As I open the garage door, two women barge right in! (This is, after all, the nature of the "early bird-ers" who get up at the crack of dawn to be the first people at the sale)... I barely had the chance to move my car off to the side out of the driveway and begin moving goodies out of the garage onto the driveway before I started making sales.

Ovwerall I only netted about $70 but, it was $70 in exchange for pure crap, so I'm happy. The best victory of the day? The man who paid me fifty cents for five gallons of paint (previously opened) which was at least 4 years old. I was going to have to wait for County Haz-Mat disposal day to get rid of them, but instead, this guy hauled them off and gave me money for it! How cool is that?

I also met my neighbor from down the street (and his Puggle, Enzo). Yes, Virginia, there are Puggles.

I had three women visit (one was a repeat customer from last year's garage sale) who bought a bunch of things and also had a fun conversation with me about our Ghost, Anna.

Then there was the Filipino woman from down the street who just kept buying things (much to her Husband's dismay). Just when she would close up her change purse and put her latest finds in a tote bag, she would look in another box and find something else she liked.

Then there was the Mexican gentleman who not only bought an old remote control (for a quarter).... god knows what it was for, and really, does he have the same item at home? Probably not... but he also went away with a Martha Stewart Entertaining book. Random!

Finally, towards the end of the day, the Husband had to go to the office and Miss B. and I had to get ready for our trip to the circus. So, I closed up the garage door and put up the following sign:

Ironically, later on in the day I did find a quarter on our front stoop! (Who knows what was taken, but apparently, the honor system can work!

Finally, before Miss B. and I left for the circus I sorted out the remaining items into the (x) Lupus Foundation donation pile and (y) the curb. The Husband got home a few minutes after we left and someone actually pulled something off of the curb and paid him $1 for it.

Then, today, much to our shock and dismay the garbage men actually took away the rest of the stuff that we had put out as trash (this is a big deal because usually they give us an attitude about actually taking garbage in bags in our cans, let alone loose stuff in cardboard boxes!)

Overall? Success!

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Laura @ the shorehouse. said... can you just float "ghost Anna" out there without any further detail? :-)

I was able to unload a whole lot of stuff at my yard sale this summer but I have to say...I was exhausted! I think I'd rather be a buyer than a seller. And I can't believe you got rid of old paint...I didn't even think to do that...