Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Craft Crazy!

So, once the baby was asleep, I began crafting like crazy this evening. I blame Martha Stewart. I just got her latest Martha Stewart Living in the mail the other day and she had all of these crazy fun crafts for the holidays.

First up? Glittered sea-shells. I saw these in Martha's new mag and thought: "I've got shells!" The Mom had gathered tons of shells for Miss B. and I when she was at the beach last for crafting, and here you go-- shell crafts!

Martha shows off hers using glitter all in the same color family. Of course, you can buy Martha's glitter at Michaels (it's an arm and a leg), you can also buy similar glitter (also in fancy and amazing colors) for less at Wal-Mart (which also carry's a Martha craft line) however we went even cheaper. Michael's had 12 packets of 2 ounces of different color glitter and the whole she-bang was $3.49.
That coupled with what was left of Mod Podge that I've had since 2004 and bam! Glittered shells.
I figure I'll hot glue ribbon on these and use them as Christmas ornaments...

Next craft? Snow-covered pillar candles. How cool are these?

Again, Mod-Podge plays a prominent role, and the "snow" is actually (tee-hee) Epsom Salts.

I chose one white unscented candle and one beige vanilla-scented candle. Obviously, you could use all sorts of fun candle colors and perhaps dye the salts (or use glitter?) Unclear. We'll have to write Martha.

Either way, wrap them up in cellophane with some festive ribbon and you've got some cool looking holiday gifts!

Final craft of the evening? Making a flowery-feather-y headband. This is for a friend... will she guess that it's for her?


Sue said...


Thisbe said...

You are a crafting goddess. I bow. BOW TO YOU, I SAY!!!!

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

Epsom Salts -- BRILLIANT!! And I love the flowery headband.

Weef! said...

Epsom Salts... soak your feet, or make a craft, who knew? ;)