Friday, November 20, 2009


Sadly, our project was not chosen as the signature project for this year's Junior League provisional class. I was the presentation leader for our group and I do feel like I must have let our ladies down. Perhaps I should have worn Miss B.'s fruit basket hat and sung the Chiquita Banana song, as I had contemplated earlier in the week. Oh, well.

But, I do say the decision is one that's both disappointing and also a bit of a relief. Our project had a lot of components and would have been very time consuming (and we would have been the project leaders).... now we can relax and just be cogs! ;)

And the project that was chosen sounds pretty neat-- it will involve implementing a music and mathematics curriculum developed by the New Jersey State Opera, to culminate in the NJSO coming in and performing (in costume!) for the school children we'll be working with.


Sue said...

Don't fell made the right choice not wearing the fruit hat and singing the banana song...that might have gotten you thrown out of the organization....

Nouveau Stitch said...

Awww. I LOVED your project! It had real long-term promise for these students. Guess I place healthy eating slightly above opera appreciation on the lifelong learning scale.