Thursday, November 05, 2009

The Shore, Storm King and the Yanks

So we've had a few adventures over the past two days....

Yesterday, after lunch, Miss B. announced that she wanted to go to the Beach. So to the beach we went.

We event went so far as to visit Sandy Hook!

Then, today we ventured beyond Jersey up to the Hudson Valley to visit the Storm King Arts Center with Melanie and Andrew!

It's a really impressive facility, however, like most things in Upstate, the weather isn't always cooperative.

As soon as we started picnic-ing, the sun went behind the clouds and stayed there until closing time.

But Miss B. had fun anyway.... and got an Alexander Calder stickerbook too boot. How cool is that?

After Storm King we also hit up the Woodbury Commons outlet mall. I mean, after all, we were in the neighborhood!

Finally, congrats to the Yankees! Sure, this is something like their 5 billionth world series win, but regardless that just never gets old!


Lisa said...

YAAY, another foodie blogger Yank fan! How awesome is this?? Great photos BTW!! :D

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

I covet Miss B's pink hat.