Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas Tree!

Here's a picture of our tree this year. It's not as tall as usual, since we've got it in the family room proper (it usually goes in the nook, with it's higher ceilings, but Miss B. has taken the nook over as her play space, so thus, the tree has moved...)

It's a great shape and it was the first one that the Husband picked out at Kale's. Miss B. was instrumental in putting the star on top.

In years past I've done the high-concept trees (like the year we only had silver and gold decorations). This year, however, we've focused on the low-tech (in fact, I think we're just one small step away from hand strung popcorn and cranberry garland).

We've got a bunch of Miss B. made ornaments, like Santa and a Gingerbread man...

Then we have my various forays into decoupage. Let's hope dry modpodge isn't flammable.

Then there's the Mom's signature ice cream cone ornaments.... and more decoupage.

Our glitter decorated shells a la Martha Stewart.... (these are especially sparkly with the little white lights!)

A bird's nest with gold eggs (I made this a few years ago, during the "silver and gold" period)...

and another Miss B. creation

Happy Holidays, everybody!

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