Thursday, December 31, 2009


So, the weekend before Christmas we all headed into the city, despite that whole "winter storm warning" thing.

The drive up wasn't that bad, but by the time we got into the city, checked in to our hotel and headed up to Serafina for dinner, things had taken a turn for the worse!

That's the fam, Miss B. is in the oxygen-tent apparatus attached to the Bugaboo. (She was the only one truly staying warm and dry!)

There's 57th and Madison... snowcovered.

There's the trees around Rockefeller Center...

Hot Dog Stand across from Saks...

There's St. Barts in the background...

That's the Mom... you see, the Husband, the Dad and Miss B. stayed back in the room while we decided to make a late night run to the McDonald's on 51st and Third.

Mom said if she didn't have a heart attack on the way back to the hotel from Third Avenue, she never will!

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Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

I love the photo of The Mom packing Mickey D's under her coat. Hahahahaha!

And I am honored and in awe that becuase of me *anyone* knows how to quilt, lol!