Monday, December 14, 2009

I Can Totally Do This!

Today I met up with Mel and Miss Leda for a ladies lunch at Fred's at Barneys! It was great to get to see the gals! After lunch, we took a quick stroll through the holiday department and children's departments on the top floor at Barney's.

In the holiday department, I saw this neat Christmas tree. I really liked the wacky hot pink flower thingies that they have in the tree. They also had super cute sock monkey ornaments.

Then, over in the kids department I saw these great Sesame Street inspired t-shirts...
They were made long-sleeve by sewing tube socks onto the short sleeves. The Sesame characters have been appliqued. But, can you see that price tag? Yup, $75. I'm sorry, but I think I can totally make these (and for a whole heck of a lot less than $75!) Let's not forget that I already have "Quilting with the Muppets" so I've even got patterns for appliqueing these guys! Woo-hoo!