Monday, December 28, 2009

Dress-Up Bag!

Here's all of the contents of the dress-up bag!


Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

The 2010 calendar exceeded all of my expectations. Brava!! I'm at work and just showed one of my colleagues...we were cracking up. :-)

Here's to dressing up and good times! Thank you for being a part of my 2009 and showing me all sorts of neat things to make (can't stop making tissue pouches!). A happy and healthy 2010 to you and your family! (P.S. VNA Spring Rummage sale is May 7,8,9 -- never too early to plan. ;-)

Weef! said...


Glad you liked the calendar!! And, thanks for being a part of our 2009 as well! All of the wonderful thrift tips and your fab crafts-- and it's because of you that I now know how to quilt! How cool is that! ps. thanks for the heads up on the VNA spring sale! I've marked my calendar!!!