Monday, December 07, 2009


Here's a look at tonight's craft:

Decorated fairy wings! I got the basic wings at the $1 store. I added silk flowers, extra glitter, ribbons and a little butterfly...

this is all part of one of Miss B.'s Christmas presents a:

Dress-Up Bag! The dress-up bag was one of Thisbe's ideas last year as a gift for the Wee-Kraken. For Miss B.'s bag I got an LL Bean boat and tote monogramed with "Dress-Up!" on it. So far we've got a tutu, a tiara, a wand, the fairy wings, a boa and a fireman's helmet (it's an equal opportunity dress-up bag, life's not all fairies and princesses, you know...) I'm also looking to find a little pair of ballet slippers. This was pretty easy to put together and I think Miss B. is going to like it a lot!

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Anonymous said...

Hi there! I wandered onto your blog by clicking on the "Next Blog" link above. (I was nursing my daughter and trapped at the computer by a voracious appetite. lol)

I just wanted to say, fabulous idea on the "Dress Up Bag". I'm going to copy it for my niece's gift.