Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Tonight's Craft?

King Julien crown.

Have you ever seen Madagascar? Miss B. just keeps asking me to make her a King Julien crown... well, now she's got one.

I also made two throw pillow covers out of some of the bolt of fabric I got at the Second Chance Thrift store the other day. It was $6 for a whole roll of fabric. This was in lieu of spending $56 for two pillow covers at Pottery Barn.

It was great, I just made a giant, square version of the tissue holder that I've been making.

Next item on the project list? Euro Sham for the bedroom, on the same principle (and with a really neat Asian inspired fabric I scored at the St. Thomas Episcopal church tag sale earlier this year).

Then? Finish needlepointing Cookie Monster and make him into a pillow.

Then? Superhero cape.

That sewing machine is getting a work out.


Sue said...

Oh that is too cute the King Julian crown...You could sell those...

Nouveau Stitch said...

Wow! I'm so terribly out of touch I don't know a thing about that movie, BUT you did an awesome job on that crown! Your sewing is coming along beautifully. Will Santa be bringing you a serger??


5280 Mommy... said...

I like to move it, move it. I like to move it, move it. I like to move it, move it. I like to(everybody now!) MOVE IT!