Monday, January 25, 2010

Alien Invasion!!!!!

The lovely Miss Ellen at Nouveau Stitch sent us some wonderful goodies for Christmas! You can check out the post on the Mom Blog to see images of all of the fabulous stuff! THANK YOU, ELLEN!!!!!!!!

One of the items, though, was the biggest hit of all.... A pink alien in a tutu!!! Who knew outer-space could be so stylish?

Miss B. loves her pink alien so much and it was just so adorable, I was inspired to try my hand at one of our own.... I knew that Andrew's birthday was coming up and thought he might like one!

I actually had some light green bumpy fabric that matches the pink fabric perfectly...

But alas, the Husband saw it and thought-- it matches the pink one too perfectly, Miss B. might want to keep it for herself...
And indeed, when she saw it she said: "It matches my pink one!" so now we had an alien life-match.

But what about Mr. Andrew? We had to produce a second alien, post-haste! I checked out my fabric stash and what-ho, dark blue fleece!
The Dark Blue and some yellow? Those are Michigan (and UCLA) colors!
Plus, I thought the primary colors were more "manly" for a little one who is fast approaching toddler-hood. Next project? I think we're going to conquer the undersea depths and try our hand at a Kraken (aka an octopus or perhaps a giant squid!)

Captain Nemo, here we come!

And, yes, if you're wondering, the photos of the blue alien were taken on the dash of our car, while driving on the turnpike (somewhere right around exit 13A!) I finished him off the night before the party and sewed up his stuffing hole while in the car. I had forgotten to take pictures before leaving the house, so I had to improvise on the photo shoot locale.


Sue said...

I love the heart on the butt....A very cute final touch!!

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

These are pretty awesome. I can't wait to have a look at my fabric stash!