Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Tonight's Dinner?

White Bean Potato Kale Soup!

I heated some olive oil in our soup pot and then added to it two bags of Wegman's Potato Kale Soup vegetables (consisting of Kale, red potato chunks and diced onions).

I sauteed the vegetables for a bit until the kale began to wilt and the onions were soft. I added one zucchini (sliced and then cut in half lengthwise), a handful of baby carrots (in small chunks) and one can of white beans (drained).

Then I added (x) one box of low sodium chicken stock and (y) one can of Campbell's cream of potato soup and turned the heat up so as to bring the soup to a rolling boil.

Once boiling, I gently whisked in one half of a 5.5 ounce package of Bear Creek Creamy Potato Soup Mix.

I turned the heat down to a simmer and added a bit of cream, salt and fresh ground pepper.

Serve with some crusty bread. Yum!


Chatty Crone said...

Hello, my name is Sandie and I'm a friend of your mom's. Just had a delicious lunch over there today.

I must say they love your little daughter and oh yeah - you too! lol

This recipe sounds yummy. Thanks.

I think you went to 8th grade with my son. Weird huh?


Weef! said...

Hi Sandie! Thanks for stopping by my blog!! You should definitely try the soup-- it's super easy and great on a cold day!

My mom had mentioned that your son went to McCleskey-- it's a small world! Sadly, I find the older I get the less I remember! But I did see Mrs. Abdi over the summer (the music teacher)-- she's doing well and is a grandmother to six these days! (Her daughter, Farah, also went to McCleskey).

Thanks again for stopping by and I'm looking forward to checking out your blog as well!