Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Some Things We Like.

Top Gear on BBC America. I watched it tonight and it was a blend of Car & Driver from PBS and a late night talk show. All done in impeccable British style with wacky British humor.

The Phrase (in relation to the cast members of Jersey Shore): "the[se] people... have neither underpacked nor overpacked their crazy suitcases." From the review of the show in this week's New Yorker Magazine.

Last Week's Shouts and Murmurs column: The Cursing Mommy Cooks Italian. (I especially like the part when the paper towel roll catches fire)...

Thing that we are equally intrigued and yet also repulsed by: Food Network Magazine's "Food Porn" centerfold spread of NFL Potato Skins-- yes they created a potato skin topping to represent the hometown of each NFL team. Philadelphia Eagles? Cheesesteak on a potato. New York Jets? Pastrami and Pickle Potato Skins. New Orleans Saints? Muffetella Potato Skins. You get the picture. Pick up your Pepto Bismol now, the Super Bowl is only a few short weeks away.


Ellen said...

We are big Top Gear heads at this house. It has to be one of the funniest shows on TV. Keep an eye out for the Vietnam episode - it's so funny.

Anonymous said...

Top Gear rocks! Except when Richard Hammond almost killed himself driving at the speed of light in a rocket car. Some things are better left to the experts.