Monday, January 04, 2010


Okay, I know I've said it already but the new iPod is really cool. I'm actually blogging via iPod, and the damn thing has built-in speakers! But, the reason for the post is that I'm sitting here at 1am watching Le Telejournal on TV5 Monde eating cheese and crackers. I should be asleep! I need to take down the Christmas tree and I've started reading Gomorrah. It was that or the Russell Brand book. Tomorrow? IKEA. Could this be more random? I think not.


410E9th said...

Not a very uplifting book choice. Much better to read about about drug addiction? You ever see the english comedy Peep Show -- it is on Hulu.

Weef! said...

FYI it's not easy to do comment moderation on an iPod.