Tuesday, January 19, 2010

More Than This

So, the Husband can make fun of me for this, but I did just download the Norah Jones cover of "More Than This" regardless of whether or not Bryan Ferry would be disgraced. My favorite part? I heard it while shopping at Saks. Yes, I am *that* demographic... The people who will buy music because they heard it in a retail establishment.

I'm a bad radio listener. If I'm not ipodding, then I'm either listening to disco or public radio. Today, on the way to a birthday party at Crazy Mom's house I subjected poor Miss B. to the Brian Lehrer show in WNYC. Pras Michele from the Fugees was on and he's a character, that's for sure.

Okay, one more digression. I love being able to buy iTunes while blogging on my iPod.... I'm totally taken in by technology.

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Weef! said...

Ps editing is bad on the iPod, so please forgive the typos... Will fix once I get out the ye old laptop in the am.