Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Alas, More Random Thoughts.

This morning I had a cavity filled. Nothing like having a dremel tool in your mouth at 8am and having your dentist singing along to "Sweet Caroline". There's a time and a place for Neil Diamond. During a dental procedure isn't one of those times or places.

Then, later in the afternoon, the deer family came to visit the back yard. Normally this is a fine occurrence, cute and whatnot. Today, however, I found out a bit too much information about our deer family. Specifically that the two smaller deer are apparently still breast feeding. Yup, there I am walking through the family room and I just happened to look out the sliding glass door and the two smaller deer ran up to the mom deer and then just started chugging away. I understand this is a natural process but I felt a bit too much like I was part of a camera crew for Marty Stouffer's "Wild America" I even kind of felt like I was invading their privacy, but then I did remember, it's my backyard! At least they weren't humming "Kentucky Woman".

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