Thursday, September 20, 2007

Shout Out to David and Emily and Baby's Big Adventure!

So yesterday was quite an exciting day. The fam headed into the city (Husband off to work and Miss Baby and I off for a day of fun and adventure). We got in around 11 and went to The Job where I got to introduce Miss Baby as the "cutest baby ever", noting that, the general consensus was that she looks like the Husband. At about a bit before 12:30 we headed over to Saks and met Thisbe and the Wee Kraken for a bit of shopping and lunch at the newly renovated Cafe SFA (see below)

Sophie was a bit bored by the menu, but who could blame her-- she knew she'd be getting formula anyway.

After lunch we did some shopping (including a fun visit to H. Stern). Thisbe and WK left us in the afternoon and we stayed on wandering around the East Side hitting up many exciting shopping destinations (including the kid's floor at Barney's where we picked up a very cute little stuffed monkey), Bonpoint (where clearly only Jerry Seinfeld's kids and Barron Trump can shop...), the more hoi poloi Baby Gap on Third Ave and Bloomingdales. At 7pm we met up with the Husband and David and Emily for a fun dinner at Dos Caminos Third Avenue (which replaced the formerly dreadful La Maganette... sure, we move out of the neighborhood and they put a Dos Caminos on the corner of 50th and Third and a Bliss Spa at 49th and Lex, what luck!) We look forward to the impending arrival of David and Emily's little person, as soon, we will be six at dinner!

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