Monday, September 17, 2007

Welcome to Comfort Food Week...

This week is officially comfort food week. Now, while there are many, many comfort foods out there, we can only pick a few. Tonight's comfort food is Chicken Pot Pieeeee! This time around I did add a bit of white wine to the broth and I've also added in mushrooms... Tomorrow we're trying our hand at (gasp!) Sundried-Tomato Turkey Meatloaf with mashed potatoes. Wednesday is off the schedule since we're meeting Thisbe and the Wee Kraken in the city for some quality time at Saks (aka our Happy Place). (But, on a comfort food side note, while in the city we are planning to lunch at the Saks Cafe, provided its renovation has been complete. All I have to say is if the people at the Saks Cafe don't want to have a small international incident on their hands it is my grave hope that they have retained their half tuna sandwich and cup of corn chowder on their menu...) Back to comfort food week here at home, the next three recipes are Mac and Cheese, Chicken Milanese with pasta on the side (continental comfort food) and Potato Leek Vichyssoise. Recipes to follow and as always, we'll let you know how everything goes!

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Anonymous said...

Thisbe here:

Yes. The Saks people better provide us with an open cafe and corn chowder, or there will indeed be trouble. Miss Sophie and the WK are feisty. We can't be responsible for what they might drool on/eat/unintentionally smash.