Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Where We're Going We Don't Need Roads...

It happened. In Milan Township, Ohio. I got a speeding ticket. It's a first! In 31 years I had never before gotten a speeding ticket (not for lack of going fast, mind you).

From when we entered Ohio there were speed traps everywhere. In the first 46 miles I had seen 6 police cars, at least three of which were already in the act of ticketing folks. The Husband had advised that I should stay between 70-72.

Then it happened. At a spot where I-80 has three lanes, there were two trucks in the slow lane and a third truck in front of me in the middle lane. I moved to the fast lane to pass the truck in the middle lane and as I passed it, one of the trucks from the slow lane cut in to the middle lane right into the spot where I was about to move. This happened on a hill, on a curve. Once this new truck was in the middle lane I had to pass it to otherwise I would be stuck out in the fast lane. Just as we came down the hill I managed to overtake the truck and change into the middle lane. As I was doing this, the cop was out of his car and he stepped out into the road and flagged us down. He claims I was going 84 in a 65. To be fair, I was probably going 80, given that we were going down hill it might have gotten faster, but I'm still skeptical. When the officer talked to me about it he asked if we were in a hurry and if I knew how fast I was going. I was very tempted to quote "Ricky Bobby" and say "I want to go fast!" but I thought better of it.


Anonymous said...

Oh foo!

Personally when Barney Fife stepped in front of the vehicle he should have found himself enroute to N.J.

He should have been responsible for any scratches.....+ his share of the gas money!

Anastasia said...

31 years? Cutting it kind of close there, aren't we? ;-)

Anonymous said...