Saturday, August 01, 2009


Yesterday we visited Long Beach Island, New Jersey. The weather was nice and as we were sitting on the beach, the Mom said that before we left she wanted to go back to one of the shopping areas and pick up a sweatshirt. Then the Dad asked, why not get some fudge at the same time (as we always get fudge)...

A little while later we noticed some dark clouds and one of the other beach goers mentioned that a storm was on its way so it might be time to leave the beach. We headed back to the car and dropped Mom off at the sweatshirt place just as it started to drizzle.

The plan was to circle the parking lot and pick Mom up after she'd gotten her sweatshirt and gone to the fudge shop.

In the ensuing few minutes all hell broke loose weather wise. It was no longer just a drizzle it was a deluge. It was like hurricane weather. The sky was literally black and the rain was coming down so hard it was ridiculous. We found a parking space opposite where we dropped off the Mom and right in front of the fudge shop.

I checked my email. Just as I was working on my BB, it rang. It was a 201 number. It was the Mom. She was stranded standing next to the novelty schooner in the shopping area and had borrowed someone's cell phone to figure out where we were. I told her we were right in front of the fudge shop. The next thing see is Mom gingerly ascending the steps by the schooner and heading towards the car. The Dad's impression: "that's as fast as she can run right now". Dad then starts pointing his fingers towards the fudge store (as if Mom can see us inside the car, which wasn't particularly likely given the downpour) and he also starts yelling: "Go get the fudge! Get the fudge!".... (ironically, Dad doesn't even eat fudge).

Mom comes to the car window and is *SOAKED*-- I mean, to-the-bone-soaked. I roll down my window and the Dad and I both say: "Go get the fudge!" Mom, bewildered as to why we haven't let her in the car, shoves her shopping bag in the window, as the window is being rolled up...

So. She went in and got some fudge. And some salt-water taffy for the Husband. Mom ran back to the car, I had unlocked it (but the Dad didn't see me do that so he locked it again, which meant Mom spent more needless time getting drenched). Our thought process was, well, you're already wet, so go ahead and get that candy! I don't know if the Mom quite agreed but we did get a good laugh out of it once she got back in the car.

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