Thursday, August 27, 2009

FYI Lifetime re: Project Runway

Okay, kudos to the folks at Lifetime who have scored Project Runway after the whole hullabaloo with The Weinstein Company and NBC, etc., etc. Kudos further for keeping on board Heidi, Tim and of course our favorite judge Michael Kors (and yes, Nina Garcia, too). Boo for moving the series to L.A. (I have to say, it seems less exciting, since it's not likely that I'll be driving by Mood LA anytime soon, whereas, passing by Parsons has been a regular occurrence throughout the prior seasons). But, most importantly, here are a few pieces of advice, dear Lifetime programmers: Nobody wants to watch re-runs of Reba. I turned on Lifetime at dinner time today hoping to catch a replay of the PR All-Stars and instead I found a two-hour block of Rebas. Then at 8pm... "Drop Dead Diva". Now for all I know Drop Dead Diva could be a great show, but guess what, if it's Thursday night I have no interest in watching it. Take a page from the Bravo Book: Replay, replay, replay. Now that you've got the Runway-- play it constantly on Thursdays. People want to tune in and watch all of the previous episodes and get to know the designers and catch all of the classic Michael-Kors-isms over and over again. Look at Bravo-- all they do is play their series into the ground on the nights that they're scheduled for and guess what-- they Make it Work.

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