Monday, August 10, 2009


Today Miss B. and I headed into the city for a day of fun with Melanie and Andrew! Given that it was really, really hot today, Melanie had suggested that we visit MoMA. It was a perfect place to spend the day! The "Roman" themed Cafe on 2 is super kid friendly and has a fantastic menu. Miss B. got a nutella, peanut butter and banana panini (very Elvis meets La Dolce Vita) with apple slices on the side. I got a great baked pennetti (aka mac n' cheese). Miss B. also got a glass of her signature "cold milk" which unfortunately, ended up partly on my lap. This is why I was glad that I was wearing pants from H&M. (I have found that as a Mom, the older Miss B. gets the more daring I can be with my outfits, and by daring I mean the greater the percentage of dry-clean only or designer items I can wear on any given occasion). Today I had on a Marc Jacobs top and paired with the H&M pants, thus leaving a 50/50 chance that something would get stained or otherwise require dry cleaning. Luckily it was just the cheap-o pants! Woo-hoo!

Later on, after a visit to the scuplture garden we went back to the cafe for gelato and tiramisu. Then we hit up the MoMA gift shop and design shop. As I mentioned to Mel, for some reason the MoMA stores always whip me into a retail frenzy. They just have such neat stuff! But I got out pretty cheap-- a book for Miss B., a couple of post cards, a birthday gift for the Mom and a Muji purse-sized notepad. (Love the Muji-- it was $1!)

Finally, it was on to a quick sweep through Saks. A great day was had by all!

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