Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Yesterday on the way home from the City, Miss B. demanded French Fries. Starting about mid way through the Lincoln Tunnel I kept hearing "French Fries! French Fries!" from the back seat. So, as soon as possible we hit up a McDonald's. I was debating between a large fry and a happy meal. I pull up to the drive through and I was reminded that the current Happy Meal toy is beanie babies. I had previously noticed that one of the beanie baby possibilities is Grimace. I love Grimace, but you never see him anymore at McDonald's. So I asked the drive-thru person what prize was available. She tells me: "a panda" and (after the sound of paper rumpling) "a purple thing." (A Purple thing? You work at McDonald's and you don't know that the purple thing is GRIMACE? Come on people! Educate!) So, I pick the Happy Meal. Luckily I did remember to check the bag before pulling away-- as of course what was our prize? (A skunk-- FYI, just because it's black and white and fuzzy doesn't mean its a Panda!) So I asked to trade it in for "the purple thing". Miss B. approved.


Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

Ha...Panda! ;-) Glad you got the Grimace. Sounds like someone needs a refresher course at McDonald's Burger U.

p.s. I'm taking a couple of private sewing classes as M. Avery to get...better at this whole thing. Long/short, she has a group on Meet Up's web classes each month (this month is a wrap shirt) -- but limited to 10 people (I'm wait listed). Figured I'd let you know in case you're interested! If you want to email me I can send you a link with the info...shorehousechic at gmail dot com.

Weef! said...

We *love* free classes! Thanks for the heads up! I'll def. email you!