Friday, August 28, 2009

Do You Ever Have

one of those days where your entire life seems like a neverending loop of laundry and grocery shopping?


Anonymous said...

You just got a hit from Leon, Managua! Going Global!

Weef! said...

Wait, I thought you guys weren't going to have internet access for two weeks?

FYI, neither Dave nor I have any real international experience, so try not to get kidnapped as political prisoners while you're down there, okay?

Anonymous said...

You ever see the movie HosTEL? It is like that except rows of computers in the lounge with everybody updating their facebook profile and no torture.

Greetings from granada

Weef! said...

Glad that there's no torture. Knowing how close Nicaragua is to Costa Rica, out of curiosity, what brought you guys to one instead of the other? Will a trip to the Falklands be far behind? ;)