Saturday, August 15, 2009


About a month ago I was at the Dollar Spot at my local Target browsing the racks. I was making gift bags for my neice and nephew who we were going to be seeing on our trip to South Carolina. While picking out goodies for the kids I saw a pack of "World Landmark" Flashcards. Miss B. loves decks of cards so I picked them up for her. They've got nice color photos of all sorts of fun places around the globe and information on the back about the locations and cultural significance. Kind of like a UNESCO World Heritage deck of trading cards. Today we were sitting around watching one of the Shrek movies and Miss B. pulled out the deck from her toy bag. I started going through it, telling her the name of the landmark and location as I handed her a card. It goes to show that she really is at that "repeat everything" stage. Not only did she master "Taj Mahal" and "Easter Island Heads" but most impressively was "Neuschwanstein" (only mildly garbled). Perhaps we have a natural born German speaker on our hands. Ach du lieber!


Sue said...

That's our girl......let's hear a
"Cold Milk"!!!!!!!!!

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...