Wednesday, August 19, 2009


After Miss B. hit the hay this evening I got productive. First off I made cheesecake swirl brownies. What can I say, the mix was on sale at Wegman's for 99 cents. Surprisingly, it wasn't bad at all. Usually I prefer Duncan Hines brownies to Pillsbury but these were tasty.

Then it was on to project #2: Make a scarf! I bought what was supposedly "vintage" kimono fabric from Japan months and months ago. Indeed it did come in a very small envelope from Japan, whether or not it is truly vintage kimono fabric is anyone's guess. But it is a pretty neat pattern. Downside? It smelled to high heaven of mothballs. So I kept it in a ziploc bag in one of my various craft bags in the back of a closet for the longest time. Until yesterday. I became determined to do "something" with it. I started out by thoroughly washing it-- and for all intents and purposes, the mothball smell seems to have disappeared. Either that or I've gotten used to it. Let's hope its the former. Anyway, the length of the fabric wasn't quite long enough for a scarf, so I cut it in half lengthwise, attached each half and then had quite a long, skinny piece of fabric. I folded it in half (fabric face to fabric face, creating a tube) and sewed up the side seam. Turned it inside out, ironed it (with the main seam down the middle, kind of like I was making a tie) and then darned in the ends. Pictures to follow! All in all though, a pretty nifty looking skinny scarf!

Then it was on to projects #3 and #4-- more Decoupage! This time I deco'd a little cottage christmas ornament and a letter "H". My Deco technique is improving, so John Derian eat your heart out. The other upside to this much decoupage in one sitting is that I've actually gone through quite a bit of my endless stack o' periodicals. While whittling them down looking for pictures I've actually read a couple of articles while I've been at it. Who knew?


Sue said...

Who in the hell is John Derian? and when are you going to start decopaging onto know, like the cook stuff they have at Hamilton's....

Nouveau Stitch said...

Geez, Sue! Don't you watch Martha? JD is her fave!!! Next time you're in the city, you must check out his shop .... or at Sak's... or perhaps another fine department store near you. He decoupages the heck out of glass. :-)


Nouveau Stitch said...

Sue, you got me so flustered I forgot to congratulate the daughter on completing her projects! Good Job! Especially impressive since you have a toddler to work around. In my day of little ones, I would have been lucky to not decoupage an unwieldy appendage to the Christmas ornament.