Friday, September 04, 2009

Chop-Sticks, The Wa and Chocolate Pie.

Today we went to Six Flags in Jackson, New Jersey. It's kind of shabby. Granted, I felt less like I was taking my life in my hands then when we visited Rye Playland, but I got more of a nostalgic theme-park feel from Playland, just because of the age of it.

Anyway, Miss B. had a good time on the rides, right up until the kid running the Wiggles "Big Red Plane" ride kept trying to confirm that she is indeed 36" tall and kept grazing her noggin with the measuring stick. This happened twice, twice she cried, twice the Husband and I had to restrain ourselves from beaning the park employee.

On our way out of the park, Miss B. again proved she can read by spotting the Dippin' Dots Ice Cream shack and shouting: "Ice Cream!" (Mind you, she's never eaten Dippin' Dots before and actually seemed rather perplexed by them when they were presented to her). Thus, the only way she knew it was an ice cream stand was by reading the words: "Ice Cream" painted on the side of the building.

All told we spent about three and a half hours at the park going on all the kiddie rides and left the park just as a giant swarm of gnats invaded the area. (The gnat invasion was actually so large that when leaving the park the Husband had to get in the car by himself, gun it in the parking lot to try and dislodge some of the gnats and then Miss B. and I had to jump in).

On the way home, at the Husband's suggestion, we picked up a sack full of Chinese food from the Sunny Garden. Before getting home I had asked to go to the Wawa (or as Princeton locals refer to it: The Wa) to get ice. When Miss B. heard that we were going to the Wa she instantly asked for a Pie. (You see, Grandpa takes her to get TastyKake Pies at the Wawa). Okay, we said: What kind of Pie would you like? (She's had apple and blueberry before). She responds: Chocolate!

Chocolate TastyKake Pie? Do they even make such a thing? Sho' 'Nuff. My Dad had been going on and on about the Tasty Kake display at the Wa. He was even so enamored of it that he made my Mom go into the store and take a picture of it. I really didn't understand myself until I saw it. I've never seen such a variety of Tasty Kake products in one place EVER. There were things I had never even heard of. Some kind of orange cake, every kind of pie you could think of (including a Tasty-Klair chocolate pie, just as Miss B. had requested), kandykakes, all sorts of cupcakes and krimpets. It was just Tasty-KRAZY! So, I got the pie and the ice and headed back to the car.

Next incredible? Miss B. using chop sticks (left-handed, by the way.... I always think saying that someone has done anything left-handed makes it seem even more impressive, even if the person is a lefty naturally). Yup, I made her up a plate of goodies which included rice, sesame noodles and some chicken satay. I gave Miss B. her wooden fork. A few moments later she's saying to the Husband: "I want THIS" and we do the guessing game of: do you want rice? No, THIS. Do you want Noodles? No, THIS and finally we figured out that she wanted his chop sticks. We give her a pair and BOOM! She grabs a ball of rice and starts chomping away using the sticks like a pro. Me? I couldn't master chop sticks until well after law school. I still pretty much suck at it. Miss B.? She's a Reading-Chocolate-Tasty-Kake-Pie-Eating-Chop-Stick-Using-Pro.

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Sue said...

Love the last line...reminded me of John Turturro in Do The Right Thing....and if needed I do have those pictures of the tasty kake display if needed...