Sunday, September 20, 2009

Lots of Excitement!

We've had quite the exciting weekend!

First off, yesterday we had a family lunch at Ruby Foo's in Times Square...

Then Miss B. took a stroll down Broadway....

Check out that hat! Made by moi from a pattern in Itsy Bitsy Hats... Miss B.'s fans liked the hat.

to get to The Lion King!

Here's Miss B. at Intermission-- she had a great time!

Then, today, we went to Terhune Orchards for Apple Picking!!!


Ellen said...

I wish I could wear hats that well.

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

That is by far the hippest little apple picking ensemble I've ever seen. Jealous.

Nouveau Stitch said...

Ruby Foos!!!! My fav-o-rite!!! Pineapple fried rice and Sticky Rice. I'll admit it, I'm a carb addict!

You guys have so much fun. Enjoy it while you can, next thing you know you'll have to travel round the world to visit Miss B and her hubby! Gah!