Thursday, September 03, 2009

Love Love!

Okay, not that there was any doubt, but we officially *LOVE* the Housing Works Thrift Shop's online site! Our Asian Brocade Jacket arrived today (see photo).

Can I tell you, it's even better than I expected? I've been looking for one of these since 1998 when I saw Julia Roberts wear a turquoise one in Notting Hill. (Obviously, it will take a lot more than a jacket to make me look like Julia Roberts, but the jacket is a start). And in a frightening mother-daughter dress alike moment, this should go nicely with the Asian Brocade Jacket that I scored for Miss B. the last time I visited the Second Chance Thrift Shop in Gladstone/Peapack!! Woo-hoo!

(ps. Photo is courtesy of the Housing Works website!)

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