Saturday, September 26, 2009

Real Time Blogging

So, I'm on the train heading in to the City to meet Leda and Mel for a course at the Institute for Culinary Education (Yay!)

I've got to be at Union Square by 9am, which means I'm on the train. A train that left P-town at 7:15 on the dot. (Well, make that shortly after 7:15, as I was semi-sprinting from the pay-parking machine while also attempting to hit the remote lock button on the wagon.) Thanfully, the conductor had a heart. I only had to run past two train cars and half-way down the stairs from the platform before I got the reassuring light blink and beep signifying a locked car. Note to BMW of America-- can't we get the blink and beep whenever one is in range, even if the car *is* locked? It turns out I had been locked, but I could only get a visual/auditory confirm by unlocking and re-locking.

Other note: the lighting is so much less harsh on Amtrak. I guess Amtrak figures the liklihood of a mugging on board is significantly less, so they can afford earlĂ˝ morning mood lighting, but come on NJ Transit, its like a lightbulb testing facility in here, even with sunglasses on.
At least its a double-decker. Woo-hoo!

More to come later! Ps the next station stop is Metuchen.

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