Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Whirlwind Day!

Today, Miss B. and I had quite the afternoon! Thanks to Laura at the Shorehouse we found out about the Maureen O'Brien Cats and Dogs Thrift Store at the Monmouth County ASPCA. There were some great finds at the shop, including, ties for fifty cents a piece (great for crafts! and we did find three Hugo Boss ties!), some neat costume jewelry and some other goodies (to be named later!)

After hitting up the thrift store we checked out the ASPCA animal facility and it was really lovely. Laura's description of a "park like setting" is totally true! There is a pond, a large covered area for dogs to run around in when making visits with potential adoptive families and really nice accomodations for each animal. This was the nicest animal shelter I've ever seen. If you're in the Monmouth county area and looking to adopt a pet, I would definitely recommend making a visit! Luckily for the Husband, the only dog I would have considered bringing home was a tiny Chihuahua, but he didn't seem interested in Miss B. or myself (maybe we should have had Taco Bell for lunch!)

After our visit to the ASPCA, it was time for a snack, and what better snack than:

fries and a milk shake at Bobby's Burger Palace?

After filling up with sugar and salt, we drove over to the beach near Long Branch.
Miss B. had a great time running around on the sand and chasing the waves.

Afterwards, we drove home through Monmouth county and at one point even encoutered two deer (with antlers!) how random is that?

Anyhoo, a great day was had by all!


Sue said...

considering the world's worst dog...are you crazy!! they are barkers and biters and nasty around children....Hold out for a Bernease Mountain dog...

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

Hey, thanks for the link love. :-) Isn't that a cute little thrift store? I actually got an email from the Monmouth SPCA today about a "bait dog" they just found -- as in, a dog used as bait for dog fights. I'd give you the link but it is the saddest story/photos. Very graphic, very pathetic. I actually started to cry at work. (Great!) I can't wait to get home and give my Maggie a hug.