Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Today we went to Michael's to have a picture framed. I bring it over to the "framer" and ask to have it dry-mounted.

I'm advised that they "really don't like to drymount anything that's not replaceable."

I get their idea, but I know the artist and she can make these things all day.

In fact, she was right there with me.

It was a marker-drawn scribble on newsprint made by Miss B.

Something's telling me it will liklely last longer for posterity if it is dry mounted and framed, no?

I mean she's clearly talented, but it's not a Picasso, it's a Crayola!

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Sue said...

Michaels is crazy....they have told me that before...Go to JoAnn Fabrics....they will dry mount anything you ask them to do....They dry mounted Eli's painting..they took a copy of what she wrote on the back then glued it to the back of the picture after they framed it....